Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bouquet of Flours

For the husband's birthday I decided to make a strawberry cake. The recipe I chose required 3 cups of self-rising flour. As I was making my grocery list, I wanted to be sure I had self-rising flour before I did or did not buy any at the store. [We all know that this is how we end up with 3 containers of nutmeg that we rediscover every Thanksgiving]. I went to my baking cupboard to investigate.

And this is what I found:
1 and 1/2 bags of almond flour. Why did I buy that second pound?
Plastic container of all-purpose flour. Okay, I knew that was there.
1/4 full bag of all-purpose flour that didn't fit in plastic container. No real surprise.
Second 1/4 full bag of all-purpose flour. Why do I do these things? At least it was a different brand and may have been unbleached.
Box of cake flour. Would this work if I can't find my self-rising flour?
Nearly full bag at the back that I thought for sure was the self-rising flour- whole wheat flour. When did I even use this?
The 7th and final container of flour contained in my baking cupboard - self-rising flour. Victory!! 

New goal: bake more breads and other carbo-loaded foods. Possibly investigate recipes that call for whole wheat almond cake flour.

Since I don't eat many baked goods these days, I am taking requests for homemade goodies. I also anticipate flooding the office break room with baked goods until I reach a more modest level of supplies in the cupboard. Given that the cupboard also holds agave, honey and 4 different kinds of cane sugar, how they all even fit in there is a mystery in itself.


Metta said...

Kelley, try my French bread recipe. It's a sure win! That's where you can get rid of all of your 1/4 full bags of flour, because the recipe calls for six cups. With any kind of warm soup, stew, etc. it will be the perfect meal for the cooling weather.

ReL said...

HAHA! That's hilarious and awesome all rolled into one. At least you'll never want for flour...not for a while anyway.

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