Saturday, October 2, 2010

Smoky Skewers

So remember how I pretty much didn't post at all in the month of September? Yeah, way cool. But, I was in fact cooking and baking. A lot. The problem I've found with cooking for big dinners is that I often get so caught up in a cooking frenzy that I don't stop to take pictures for fear of not having dinner ready by the time guests arrive. Plus, if I'm still cooking/prepping while the guests are there, I tend to get funny looks as I'm posing my food for pretty pictures. Who does that?

I had two birthday dinners to prepare this month: my mama and my husband. Mom's was earlier this month and I worked towards a goal of a lower-carb meal. Somehow in my searching, I settled on skewers [which, by the way, is a really fun word to say]. And used this recipe for Grilled Shrimp and Sausage Skewers with Smoky Paprika Glaze. The prep and cooking process was pretty simple. I made the glaze, chopped up various sausages and veggies and slathered up my skewers to marinate for a few hours before cooking. My kitchen smelled like a smokehouse. I used turkey Kielbasa for this recipe. The flavor is fantastic over a grill and much more exciting than standard link sausage. And if you don't like the higher fat and calories of regular Kielbasa, turkey/chicken versions are just as tasty. I actually prefer them over the pork/beef kind.


The glaze is divine. And it's all due to this guy. I had to purchase a $5 bottle of smoked paprika. I used a few tablespoons of it but now I have this huge jar of a spice I've never even heard of. But after having this fantastic glaze, I'm on a mission to find more recipes that call for smoked paprika. If you've never had it, I encourage you to find something simple to make that calls for it because the flavor is fantastic. It's a smokey and spicy flavor. Kind of like barbecue sauce but lighter and more dignified tasting. And it turns things brilliant red. My favorite!

Behold the finished skewers.
Note: while grilling skewers, the metal handles get hot. VERY hot. Turning them with a bare hand is not recommended.


ReL said...

MMM! That sounds and looks delicious! I may have to go find some of this smoked paprika!

Metta said...

I do that! I make pretty food, and then when I take it places for potlucks, I photograph. So tacky, but whatever. If they invited me in the first place, they must like me for other reasons.

elpi said...

there are three different delicious flavours of smoked paprika– sweet, bittersweet and hot.

Medifast Coupons said...

This must be a new spice in the McCormick spice line-up, nice. Can't wait to see if I can find and try.

African Mango said...

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